About Mill Park Reserve

Situated on the edge of Northamptonshire village Long Buckby, Mill Park is a volunteer-run nature reserve established in 1983. Formerly used as the village rubbish tip, the stream-side site was transformed into a habitat for local wildlife.


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Two ponds, a bog garden and a wide range of nest boxes have been established. There is a bird hide and an observation platform by the stream, plus seats and a picnic bench.

The Pocket Park also contains a butterfly garden, a human sundial and a kingfisher bank. A wildflower meadow and mini woodland have been created. An extensive range of trees commonly found in Northamptonshire have been planted. Management of the wooded areas includes removing excess elder and mulching and weeding of newly planted trees and hedgerows.

The ponds are managed to keep a balance of open water and oxygenating plants. Excess blanket weed and algae is removed and unwanted plants cleared in the autumn (to minimise disruption of pond life).

The spring meadow is allowed to grow until June, when the hay is cut and removed. The summer meadow is mown regularly up until June, then allowed to flower and seed and a late hay crop taken around September time.

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