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Yes you are busy, yes you have very little spare time, and yes there is always something to do in the house but….you will never feel more satisfied than when you carry out a selfless act such as volunteering. Cotton End Park has been created and is run by volunteers.

Long Buckby Green Spaces was formed by Nick Roberts for the purpose of developing and maintaining local green places for the benefit of our communities.

Bird Box Day

Bird Hide Construction Team

So far volunteers have built a thatched stone and cob information shelter, a sheep lambing shed, a bird watching and photography hide, a pond dipping platform, planted over 400 native trees and 80 heritage fruit trees in the community orchard, erected fences and gates, picnic tables, chairs and benches, and then went on to maintain it all!

The trees, hedges, and meadows, tracks and paths need care and maintenance, and all this is done with respect for the environment and to maintain and increase the biodiversity. Talking of which there is constant effort survey in the place where all of the flora and fauna are recorded and habitats are created based on the needs of certain locally threatened species be they birds, butterflies, dragonflies or mammals.

Building Dipping Platform

Tree Planting

Nick Roberts the park manager holds a work-party every Sunday morning, and other LBGS committee members are there on weekdays, to carry out seasonal tasks. Maintenance wise it could be a spot of mowing or strimming, hedge trimming or laying, pond, ditch and stream maintenance, tree care or work on the paths and tracks. As for development, we still have two major construction projects to carry out over the next couple of years. Volunteering at the park is very much a social event and you will meet dedicated members of your community who believe in the park as a resource for the people of our villages.

Building War Memorial

Bird Hide Construction Inner Skin

Interested? please get in touch, or to see more, find us on Facebook, Instagram or go to the Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy your time at Cotton End Park. Please remember to share your experience with others so they can enjoy it too!