Get Involved

Yes you are busy…yes you have very little spare time…. and yes there is always something to do in the house but….you will never feel more satisfied than when you carry out a selfless act such as volunteering, and getting involved with Long Buckby Green Spaces is a an ideal way to start.

Constructing the Human Sun Clock

Bird Box Day

What’s more environmental conservation and ‘green exercise’ are proven to have multiple benefits including:

  • Reducing depression, stress and anxiety
  • Increasing social contact, inclusion and feeling of belonging
  • Improving self esteem, confidence & mood
  • Increasing meaningful activity & personal achievement.
Building Dipping Platform

Tree Planting

So why not join us? Do you want to put the buzz back into your life and a spring in your step? Long Buckby Green Spaces manages Mill Park Reserve and Cotton End Park for the benefit of our community and our local environment, and is run entirely by volunteers.

Building War Memorial

Bird Hide Construction Inner Skin

There are lots of ways you can get involved from helping with general administration, social media and promotion, fundraising, the ‘how to’ of running a small charity, being part of a governing body, practical conservation tasks, wildlife recording and more.

Volunteering at any level is immensely rewarding, and if you think like us that wildlife conservation and the health benefits to you are worth it you’ll meet lots of like-minded people.

Working Parties

Cotton End Park volunteers meet each Sunday morning and occasionally during the week.

Mill Park Reserve working parties are the first Saturday of the month 10am–1pm and every Thursday 9am-1pm.

Interested? If so get in touch, or for further information you can find us on Facebook or go to the Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you.