New Book – The Birds of Long Buckby

This amazing book by Nick Roberts (with a little help from Sue Ebbage), is a remarkable insight into the variety (and sometimes rarity), of the birds that visit our parish. Nick shares his passion for birds and the absolute necessity to create green spaces for both nature and us and the work that is being done by an army of volunteers, to ensure we have such spaces within Long Buckby.

This ground breaking book is available now to purchase for £15 from The Peephole High Street, Long Buckby, via email to: or via the PayPal button on the website.

Proceeds from the book will be donated to Long Buckby Green Spaces.

In the book, Nick shares an ‘Extraordinary Occurrence’, a remarkable story about an event which probably attracted more people to Long Buckby than any other event in the villages’ history. Sue Ebbage writes an article about her bird photography with a humility which belies her undoubted camera skills. This book contains some stunning images as well as a map with the parish boundary, so whether you like just looking at ‘the pictures’ or absorbing the fascinating articles and records of bird sightings and ‘when and where’ within the parish, this book is a compelling reminder, perhaps of what we’re now missing when our skies abounded with birds.

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